Women's clothing

Why our women's clothing store?

We are distinguished by the affordable price and high quality of our collections. New dresses and blouses, skirts and jeans, jackets, vests, trousers, overalls and, of course, the most stylish accessories from bags to costume jewelry – the “right” thing of dreams is easy to find in the convenient catalog of the online store and place an order in a few clicks.

When creating a fashionable image, choose elegance and style of things. Here you can not only buy stylish clothes, but also create a full-fledged image, adding accessories to it.

Each of our collections offers an assortment of clothes of the most fashionable and relevant shades of the season. The store also offers a wide range of models, so any girl can choose what she needs.

If you strive to be bright and feminine every day, choose stylish women’s clothing. The images proposed by our designers will reveal your character and allow you to feel your own superiority and individuality!


To begin with, let’s try to determine what the style of clothing is. So, the style of clothing is a certain set of characteristics by which many things, sets and clothes, as such, can be divided into certain categories or types. The style depends on various factors, such as age, social and financial status, nationality and mentality, lifestyle and work, musical preferences, religious beliefs, physique and much more. And yet why is it so important to decide which style is close to you? First of all, it is necessary for you to feel harmonious, so that your outer self reflects your inner self. Well, as a nice bonus, finding your style, you will not get lost in the endless rows of clothes in stores and will easily make the necessary purchases, knowing exactly what you need. There is a huge variety of stylistic trends in the world, below we will look at the main ones: classic style, casual, sporty style, glamour, boho, ethno, grunge, romantic style, preppy, minimalism, eclecticism, new look, underwear style, pajama style, retro style and military style


According to the intended purpose, garments can be systematized as follows: outerwear is worn on top of the “first layer”, not counting underwear. These can be, for example, coats, jackets, vests, etc.; light outerwear is just the “first layer” that is worn over underwear. Here we mean shirts, trousers, T-shirts, etc.; corsets and bras are called corset things that are designed to create the desired silhouette or support the spine; underwear, in turn, is mostly hygienic depending on weather conditions, clothing is classified as: summer; winter; all–season; demi-season. According to the purposes for which it is intended, clothing is divided into: intended for home, significant events, everyday wear, sports, work at work (it can be sanitary, uniform and special) and, above all, national.